The Norton Clipper CP500 high-speed cut-off saw may be new to the stage, but it’s destined to be a star on any crew. It’s fully designed with the user in mind to not only cut a smooth, fast track, but it’s also fully equipped to handle the everyday performance of any jobsite with unrelenting durability and reliability.
  • Easy start - electronic carburetor’s electro-magnetic valve eliminates the standard choke and half throttle start
  • Patented twin-air inlets create an air pulsation that draws fresh air in while pushing hot air away from the engine
  • Hot air is pushed away from the engine and released out the back to keep the
  • saw running cool and reduce debris being trapped in the filter
  • An external rocker wheel vibrates the filter to further help release debris for extended filter life
  • Reliable, strong 5.36hp engine with 4.94 ft lbs of torque